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create the society people able to enjoy good consumptive life everyday by chain store methods

We will contribute to the society through merchandise and service industry.

By management the stores based on chain store methods, we will achieve Everyday Low Price concept. And our “stores for usual life” must help life of the people in each region.

We will match the success in our business to the employee’s satisfaction.

To operate a chain of retail stores, all employees must keep the ideal and the vision of “creating the society people able to enjoy good consumptive life everyday”. For that, we had been constructed the original educational system, and it have been resulted in establishment of the system that each employees continue to develop, and have the satisfaction of working.

We will be the Special

“Special”. We don’t mention it as something like extension of our business or the amount of sales. To be the Special one, each store needs to be the best in the region, and also we must keep the law or the rules sincerely without lies or cheatings. We’re considering it as the only way to get every each stakeholders trust.